My birthday is always an exciting time of the year.  For me, it’s my New Year.  I usually synch personal and professional goals with my birthday and use it as an opportunity to reflect upon achievements.  It also marks the time of the year when we start to gain a little more sunlight and see the first signs of Spring – it’s refreshing and promising.

When I started approaching my birthday this year the first thing that came to mind was “hey you’re not pregnant and you’re child free!  Those days may be over soon so go party party party!”  Well that thought was short lived.  I’m not really in the partying mood.  I’ve been working on the mindset of letting things go lately and I wanted to do something physically to match that.  I figured it was still a bit too cold to throw myself out of a plane and skydive, so the next best thing was flying trapeze.

Flying trapeze was an amazing experience for me.  It was the perfect combination of feeling vulnerable and powerful at the same time.  Of course I knew that there was a safety net under me to catch my fall, but it still required a lot of focus and strength- something I’ve felt depleted of most times during the past few months.

Trust me when I tell you, letting go has never felt so good.  I have to honestly admit, there’s probably no way that I’ll ever really let go of my ectopic pregnancy experience.  There’s so many layers to it emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  I’m still struggling to accept and understand why the experience happened- let alone try to “let go”.  I feel that with time and certain acts {yoga, journaling, and flying trapeze}, I’m able to slowly shed away some of those layers making it easier for me to heal.

My birthday felt complete and it was the perfect activity to ring in a new year- hopefully the year of “letting in” due blessings.

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