It’s been a little while since my last post.  Interesting story though, in my last post I mentioned getting my period and thinking the ectopic pregnancy was really over.  Well in true form to my crazy life, I went to the doctor later that same week and my hcG numbers were at 49.  I couldn’t have been more fed up.  I was furious.  It just becomes hard to fathom how a person can be pregnant for close to 5 weeks and then spend the next 12 weeks losing it.  There’s just no way of really being able to physically and emotionally heal from the situation when the body hasn’t fully let go.

I guess I needed a break from it all.  But to update with some good news, I went to the doctor {again…lol} about 3 weeks ago and I am SO HAPPY to report that my numbers are down to ZERO.  I also got a normal menstrual cycle three weeks ago and the doctor told me that after my next cycle {which is expected to come next week), I can start trying to conceive again!  How’s that for a dose of good news?!?

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I feel like the last few months, there’s been a common theme in my life about letting go, so I’ve scheduled the perfect activity specifically for letting go…FLYING TRAPEZE!

I will be posting pictures from that experience as well as some other things I’ve been up to during my blogging hiatus.

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