It’s been a while since my last post.  I have been happily nesting in our new home.  It was quite the experience because we moved in between the week of Christmas and New Years.  Trying to get everything done before businesses were shut down along with the hubs not being able to take time off of work allowed very little time for errors.

Another interesting story is that our couches had to be brought up into our 2nd story apartment through the window.  Our moving company consisted of the hubs, his friend, and a rope.  My role was mostly to offer support and cheerleader encouragement (no heavy lifting for me right now in my current condition).  While I can laugh about them bring the couch up through the window now, I will admit there were a few moments when I just knew my husband was going to go flying out the window.  The only preparation he had was viewing a few videos on YouTube of other people lifting couches up- but mostly we were all living on a prayer.

Being in our new place has made me hopeful for the future.  We have space to grow a family.  In fact one of the bedrooms is already reserved for a nursery when the time comes.  I had a few sad moments because my old rocking chair s already in the room.  I find myself going in there to sit in the rocking chair sometimes and just think about what we should be preparing for.  But then I have to stop myself because I know that we will be blessed soon enough to prepare the room for a baby.

I went to the doctor last week and my hCG (beta) levels are in the 80’s.  It sucks that technically I’m still pregnant and can’t reap the good rewards of it.  I have never been so ready to get my period.  As it stands now, a 2012 baby is not looking possible.  I would have to be pregnant again by the end of March for that to happen, and it seems unlikely since I have to give my body at least three cycles to heal itself.  But I’m jumping way too far ahead.  The most important thing right now is my health- and if I could just be pregnant with a viable pregnancy this year, I couldn’t ask for anything more – the baby can stay in my uterus until 2014 for all I care!

I have a few projects I want to do now that we’re in our new home- many of which I will be blogging about.  How has the new year been for you so far?

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