In the midst of all the craziness that’s been surrounding me, the hubs and I have been searching for a new nest to call home for the past few months.  For those of you who are familiar with New York City living, you know this is no small task.  In fact, the hubs and I often find ourselves watching House Hunters on HGTV and snickering at people who make comments that rooms and closets are too small.  We joke that people should be required to live in NYC for at least a year to appreciate space and realize the definition of a “small” room.

This is our second time apartment hunting.  Our first apartment was a cute and cozy 1 bedroom.  It was a great apartment considering it was our first time living away from our parents and on our own, but it didn’t have a lot of room to grow into.

Obviously this search has brought up a well of emotions because even though I’m still technically pregnant, we won’t be able to welcome this baby into our new home.  It’s made the hunt for apartments bitter sweet because I’m trying to look forward to the future while accepting that the present moment is not what I expected it to be.  We’ve also had a couple of let downs with not getting apartments that we really liked.

However, we saw a perfect gem four days ago, it’s an apartment that has everything we want and so much more than we were looking for.  Yesterday we got the call that it’s ours!  I don’t believe in Santa, but I believe in God and he is truly always on time!  With my family by my side, happy and healthy, I feel so blessed this holiday season.  And hopefully with His will, maybe we’ll have a gem in the form of a baby to celebrate and complete that home this time next year.

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