So many things have been happening too fast.  I barely have time to document one thing before the next big thing happens.  With that being said, this has been the makeup of my past week…

Last Thursday I was on the go all day and didn’t get a chance to eat dinner until late- like 11pm late.  With my choice of healthy eating options completely non existent in the current neighborhood that we live, I had to settle on McDonalds which is something I hardly EVER eat.  3/4 of the way through my meal I started experiencing heartburn which is rare for me.  But for the most part, I didn’t really think twice about it.   I just blamed it on the crappy fast food combined with late eating and continued on with my night.

Friday came around and I had dinner at a regular time but then later on in the night I was undecided between Dunkin Donuts’ tea or Starbucks’ coffee {life changing decisions, ya know}.  Just as the thought of Dunkin Donuts appeared into my mind, I also starting thinking, “how yummy would it be to have some hash browns!?!”  But then I had to stop myself because I remembered I had just ate!  Still, I didn’t think twice.

Saturday arrived and I was working at the yoga studio.  I went to the bathroom and oddly enough when I went to wipe, {I apologize in advance for TMI} I realized I was spotting.  This is not the norm for me.  It was October 29th and I had just gotten my menstrual cycle on October 15th.  In fact, according to My Monthly Cycles and my own calculations, I was supposed to be ovulating that exact weekend.  My cycles are textbook – 28 days, and never in the history of any of them have I spotted in between.

Immediately after my shift, I went to Duane Reade and bought a pregnancy test.  It was a cheap brand but both tests instantly told me what I had already suspected by that time after adding all the clues from the previous days.  I have a growing baby bean inside of me!

The next 36 hours would prove to be some of the most roller coaster, scary moments I’ve ever had to deal with but I will save that for another post.

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