Hello!  I wanted a place to document my thoughts, feelings, and experiences on my journey of…well, life!

Yoga Wife:
My husband and I have been together for 8 years, but we just got married last year in 2010.  That means in the marriage department, we’re rookies all over again!  This first year of marriage has been quite the adventure with adjusting to living together, making collective decisions, and conscious compromises.  We were also on the Newlywed Game Show earlier this year with Sherri Shepherd and won!  Check out our episode below if you’re in the mood for a few laughs.

Yoga Life:
As the title implies, I am a complete yoga enthusiast.  I’ve tried a couple of classes here and there in the past at a local gym, but after attending a real studio this year, something transformed in me.  Yoga has helped me come face to face with my truth and become a more authentic version of myself.  Since then, my mat and I are likethis!  My mat has been a place of solace and also a wrestling ring where I have had to battle everything from insecurities, depression, and self doubt.

Currently, I work part time as a receptionist at a yoga studio.  It allows me to stay committed to my practice (unlimited classes…woohoo!), learn about the industry, and maybe one day I’ll take the teacher trainer program and become a teacher myself.

Come along with me on this journey as I blog about my mat, marriage, and other musings!

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